Guiding Your Path to Organizational Success

Hiring and On-boarding

Using science of behaviors and motivators to hire

Organizational success starts with the right role for the right person. Understanding their talents and strengths fosters individual and organizational success.

  • Utilize TTI's patented Job Benchmarking process to save time and money by benchmarking the key attributes of the role, not a person
  • Hire right the first time by comparing to your custom created job benchmark
  • Decrease the learning curve during the on-board process with targeted development programs

Culture of Engagement


The return on investment for employee engagement includes decreased turnover, increased productivity and profitability.  Understand key drivers for engagement within your organizations unique culture.

  • Customized assessment tools for  employee engagement 
  • Strategic planning to improve key drivers of engagement
  • Support to execute on the strategy
  • Build a culture of retention
  • Re-assess for improvement

Leadership Development


Good people stay with your organization because of their direct supervisor. Develop leaders with the behavioral skills and competencies that grow people and the organization.

  • Communication styles
  • Conflict resolution skills
  • Coaching others for development
  • Holding people accountable
  • Fostering engagement

Assessment Tools


Cairn Consulting Solutions is a proud partner of TTI Success Insights, the world's leading developer of research-based, validated behavioral assessments that enable organizations to reveal and harness the talent and skills of their greatest asset-their people.   Assessments include:

  • Behaviors
  • Motivators
  • Communication Preferences
  • Competencies
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Conflict Resolution Styles

EEOC compliant for guidelines related to adverse impact

Team Collaboration


Effective team collaboration is the heart of getting things done in today's work environment.  With the pace of change and the geographic challenges, it is imperative to effectively and efficiently move through the phases of team development and achieve performance. If 

  • Discover and develop star performers
  • Effective communication including remote colleagues
  • Understanding behaviors and motivators of others
  • Finding the strengths of the team
  • Identifying potential points of tension
  • Skill development for conflict resolution

Organizational Excellence


There are many theories on the definition of organizational effectiveness. I believe that we should be striving for organizational excellence which requires:

  • Setting a clear vision, guided by a compelling mission and strong values
  • Going beyond strategic planning to execution
  • Defining clear measures of success
  • Mastering the art of managing complex change
  • Engaging a team to put forth their best efforts towards excellence