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Teams are more engaged, creative and contribute more to their organization's success when people are understood and aligned.

I developed The Cairn Method for leadership development, team dynamics and business growth to solve people-related obstacles that have held workplaces and teams back for years. My mission is to change the way you and your team experience work through increased engagement and accountability.

Whether you’re on the path or lost in the weeds, the cairns we build together will guide your organization to happy and engaged teams who work together to grow the business.

"When you put your people first, you unleash the performance potential that's been hiding in your business."

Amy Lafko
Creator, The Cairn Method

The Cairn Method flips the script on leadership for a new world.

The Cairn Method solves people-related obstacles that have held workplaces and teams back for years. Work with me to up-level your thinking, create a unified culture and a thriving business model, with an engaged and motivated team who knows how to get the job done in a changing world.

Exposes Blindspots

Understand what drives and motivates individuals to their best work and remove the obstacles that hold them back.

A Proven Method

The Cairn Method is based on business psychology, neuroscience, and 20+ years experience building productive leaders, teams, and business models.

Becomes a Way of Being

The Cairn Method is intuitive and easy to implement into daily action. My clients often tell me they can’t believe they worked any other way.

For Leaders

For Teams

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Untap the power of your people with the Cairn Method

When you know what motivates you and others, you can untap the power of people and achieve things you never thought possible.

The Cairn Method will equip you with new tools to:

People First: A Proven Method for an Exceptional Healthcare Practice

Her forthcoming book, People First Method. Breaking away from the Well-intentioned Customer First Model, Amy provides a framework for organizational design and leadership within the that reveals the blind spots that hold businesses back from achieving the success they desire, Amy reveals the CAIRN method to designing your organization for optimal alignment, accountability and growth.

“People First inspires the mindset needed to finally reboot healthcare. It is the instruction manual and the toolkit all in one.” 

Stacey L. Zeigler
PT – Associate Editor of Learning to Lead in Physical Therapy
Founder/Owner of Fun in Aging Physical Therapy

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