The People First Leadership


I've been a leader for years. I've demonstrated both great leadership skills, and there were times when... I've blown it.

The goal of my book PEOPLE FIRST is to help business owners and leaders learn the skills and techniques to lead in a PEOPLE FIRST way...

... In this Masterclass Series, we are taking the concepts deeper. My goal is that you uplevel your leadership so that YOU don't feel like you've blown it.

Within the PEOPLE FIRST method, YOU ARE PEOPLE TOO! Start the year off with your personal development.

What's in it for you with Masterclass Part One - Grow Yourself?

These sessions take you deeper into your natural behavioral styles and communication preferences. Truly understanding yourself allows you to leverage your strengths and knowing what limitations might be hindering your success. 


There is always more to learn and ways to grow.  What better place to start, than by understanding yourself and where you want to focus on your development in the coming year.

What better place to start then understanding yourself.  You’ll know what types of leadership roles might be the best fit.  You’ll understand your development path.

This masterclass helps you chart your path.  Understand your strengths and limitations, utilize that information to formulate career possibilities that will suit your talents.  Identify what skills your dream job needs. Focus your development on the skills that will be most helpful.  

This is your opportunity to focus on understanding who you are at your core.

In this bi-weekly series of 3 sessions, you will explore:

• YOUR BEHAVIORAL STYLE: what it is, how it impacts you, and how it impacts others

• WHAT PERSONALLY MOTIVATES YOU AND WHY, and how to make sure you’re getting what you need for your motivation

• YOUR CURRENT LEADERSHIP SKILLS, and your mindset and intensions around leadership


Part 1 -
The Masterclass INTRO SPRINT.
3 x 90 Minute sessions starting February 1st, 2023.

6:00 – 7:30 PM EST on February 1, February 15, March 1st

Grow Yourself (Series 1) cost includes:
– Your TriMetrix DNA Assessment with profile results to REVEAL your potential, which allows you to RELEASE your potential ($325 value)
– Personal development planning tool ($50 value)
– Group debrief and guided online training to build your personal leadership plan ($750 value)
a 4th BONUS session that includes a group discussion to get additional questions answered and to learn new ideas ($250 value)

Attend all 3 sessions live, and have the recordings to keep.

"Working with Amy has been one of the most valuable professional investments I have ever made. I no longer dread potentially confrontational situations with my team. I can now go into these situations calm and ready to listen and help my team members maximize their impact."

Elizabeth R.
Owner, Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy