For Leaders

For ambitious leaders who have the mindset and the skill set for clarity in the choices they make for themselves and their people.



Build an organization of authentic leaders with
the skills to engage their people and drive positive results.

The Cairn Method provides practical solutions that unify leaders and their teams in ways you never thought possible. Whether succeeding or struggling, we work with leaders to focus their mindset and build skills for People First leadership.
Lead with people-focused intention
Gain a deep understanding of what motivates you and others to become a more intentional, proactive, and growth-focused leader who makes better decisions and creates real impact.
Build trust and connection
Raise your trust factor by improving the skills of the modern leader – emotional intelligence, productive conflict, and communication for connection and impact – who that enjoys the respect and best effort of their teams.
Do what you really love doing: making an impact
Create sustainable change and lead with a new sense of purpose, connectedness, and impact backed by actionable plans and Amy’s on-going support. Fair warning: you may just fall in love with your career again.

Propel your growth with Business Growth Formula

The Business Growth Formula is a proven system that has transformed struggling companies into success stories by providing inspiring insights that enable leaders with a powerful new perspective on profitability to focus on growth and predict future challenges before they become problems.


"Working with Amy has been one of the most valuable professional investments I have ever made. I no longer dread potentially confrontational situations with my team. I can now go into these situations calm and ready to listen and help my team members maximize their impact."

Elizabeth R.
Owner, Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy

Now more than ever, today's leaders need to flex their emotional intelligence

In a world that is changing at light speed, your people need to know – and feel – that they matter. That’s why the Cairn Method is so effective – it helps leaders sharpen emotional intelligence skills to understand their motivations and those of others to grow people and the organization.

We’ll pinpoint the exact areas that need attention and deliver expert coaching and support with most powerful diagnostic tools in the industry:

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