Grow Your People to Grow Your Business

Create an environment that empowers the best of your people without sacrificing your business imperatives.

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People First: Organizational Design is now available in this done-with-you online course.

Your potential is in your people! And unless they’re your priority, they can’t deliver everything necessary to drive the success of your organization.

Many CEOs blame it all on “bad managers,” and yes, an organization can’t thrive without good leaders. But leaders only make up half of the equation. Your organization needs a great infrastructure that supports your leaders in their quest to support your people.

When leaders are boxed into processes and procedures made from generic templates, or the organization doesn’t have all the processes needed, leaders can’t succeed – and neither can your organization.

People First: Organizational Design optimizes every aspect of the lifecycle of the employee using the People First Method. From recruiting and hiring, onboarding and orientation, to regular meetings, performance tracking, and everything in between.

What you'll learn!

Discover how to attract and select the right people to work for you.

Create more attractive and accurate job postings.

Ask questions that cut through the superficial answers to those generic behavioral interview questions.  

Establish an onboarding process that builds true alignment with the organization while creating efficiency and effectiveness while training.

Eliminate generic job descriptions filled with buzzwords that are simply a laundry list of all possible tasks.  

Focus on key accountabilities and metrics.

Define success factors.

Build a crystal-clear performance management system with a foundation of key accountabilities and success measures, then incorporate an appraisal system that accelerates professional development.

Design meeting agendas with best practices that ignite dialogue and discussion. 


This course is in short video format so you can follow along and implement as you go. While long-term change requires upfront work, you’ll be surprised at the number of small changes you can quickly implement that make a big impact.

Each module includes a template and additional resources you can use and customize for your organization – but that doesn’t mean you just add your company name. These templates come with guided questions and exercises so you can craft powerful procedures and processes that actually serve the people that will be using them!

You get plenty of tools in this course, but you also get the guide to use them. It’s one thing to know you have a resource, it’s another to use it the right way!

Drop into the monthly strategy call to ask questions, share company wins, or work through a tough challenge with Amy. In this done-with-you format you’re not alone. I can help you think beyond your normal defaults or objections.  

The People First Difference

  • Overwhelm from disconnected documents from different off-the-shelf programs.
  • Struggling leaders who don’t have tools needed for performance management.
  • Confusion over who does what and when.
  • Boring meetings that lack value.
  • Indecision because there is no clear strategy for growth.
  • Frustration at all levels because measurements of success are unclear or inconsistent.
  • Cohesive documentation that builds and connects departments and roles.
  • Thriving leaders with the right tools and knowledge on how to use them.
  • Empowered teams with clarity on roles and responsibilities.
  • Engaging meetings with clear intentions and outcomes.
  • Clarity for future growth and ways to achieve it.
  • Satisfaction in achievement of the defined metrics for success.

Your organization has a unique value proposition.  Whether it is your mission and vision, the way you engage customers or your values, there is something that makes your company unlike any other.

This done-with-you course honors that unique value proposition.  While each template starts with best practices, the videos help you determine how to customize the templates to what makes your company special.

You don’t have to do it alone.  You’ll benefit from self-paced resources and trainings supported with live, monthly calls to get your questions answered along the way

People First: Organizational Design is a system in a course format gives you the advantage of taking what you need, customizing it and support as you implement the changes.  

Why is this course with Amy Lafko?

The main reason is that I’ve been a leader right where you are now. And as a consultant, I have helped dozens of clients who were in your shoes.

I’ve heard clients tell me that the results are tangible and that it feels better to come to work each day. That they’ve eliminated the drama and the confusion. I want everyone to have access to these incredible tools, even if they can’t bring in a consultant.

I spent 20+ years in healthcare leadership roles and my work was inspired by my personal transformation as a leader. Now I’m a best-selling author, mainstage speaker, and expert in People First leadership and organizational design. With my background in healthcare, I’ve consulted with both private practices and health systems.

I’ve also seen this work transform companies outside healthcare including manufacturing and professional services, such as accounting and law firms.

I’m obsessed with helping leaders and organizations live out their goals AND do it in a way that puts their people first.

“Everyone is finally on the same page. Working with Amy has transformed the way our organization operates.” Joe K., Co-Founder of Choice Therapy

“This system is helping us tremendously to get ready for Families Together next chapter.”  Alex R., CEO, Families Together of Orange County

Solve the “people problems” that hold back performance.

High turnover isn’t cheap. Neither are disengaged employees, even when they stay for years. Whether you have a group of veterans and the new people don’t stay for long, or there seems to be petty drama and distractions at work, these things aren’t really the core of the issue. 

The workforce always has, and always will be, evolving. It’s up to you to make people feel heard, appreciated, and valued in their role with processes and procedures that back them up. The worst thing you can do is ignore their whispers until they turn into screams.


Take a look inside the program:

Why Organizational Design is so important and why it’s so hard.

Create, clarify and communicate your mission, vision, and values.

Lifecycle of the Employee: Develop key mindsets and intentions at each stage

Ask “why” for each meeting and streamline with intention. Discover what’s best for your organization: daily huddle, team meetings, leadership meetings, strategic planning, retreats, deep dives, etc.

Templates and techniques for every phase of the lifecycle. Writing better ads, more effective processes for interviewing, onboarding and performance management.  Tools to create clarity around job expectations and success factors.

Annual strategic planning method and tools.  Execution strategy and system for success.

Or get started today!

4 Payments of $1,250

Enroll now & pay a monthly installment 

A One-Time Payment Of $5,000

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Consider the next annual review with your employees…

Will they have their best year yet, or still not understand your expectations?

Will you feel confident in explaining why they did or didn’t receive an excellent review?

Will you be able to track their performance improvement with measurable accountabilities, or assume some people just want to work harder than others?

Will you have open conversations about their growth in the company, or be afraid to let them work outside their role?

Will your business stay stagnant and struggling, or flourish with empowered and engaged people?

It’s up to you!

What you choose today can ultimately transform your organization for decades to come, and help you become not only a successful business but a place your employees love to work.


  1. 5 modules packed with strategy and tactical steps to optimize every aspect of your business.

  2. Templates and resources that guide you through the People First method so you can create the processes and procedures your unique organization needs.

  3. Monthly Strategy Calls with Amy to ask questions, share wins, and work through tough issues.

  4. Coming soon! Be the first to join Amy’s People First membership to see how other organizations are implementing the People First method, and join a community of like-minded leaders.

4 Payments of $1,250

Enroll now & pay a monthly installment 

A One-Time Payment Of $5,000

Enroll now & get an extra bonus


It depends (I know, I hate that answer too but the time really depends on you and your team). If you’re starting from scratch and eager to get things done, you can expect to implement what you learn in this course in about 6 months. If you have some documentation and want to revamp with the People First method, you can expect to spend more or less time, it just depends on what you specifically need. Remember, it’s about spending time upfront to build a strong foundation rather than trying to pick up the pieces after a disaster.

In some areas, immediately! Overall the entire course is not a quick fix for a sinking business. Change takes time. But each video provides very quick takeaways that you can implement immediately to see impactful results. 

People First: Organizational Design is a full scope, systematic approach to your people. One module without the rest will only serve to patch up part of your organization, which means it will break again in the future. Of course, you may already have some great things in place that don’t need a total overhaul. But understanding the full system is necessary to implement change with diligence.

Because of the strategic, in-depth nature of this course it’s best suited for CEOs and COOs, HR and other senior leaders that are ready and willing to put their people first. It’s for the people who have the authority to make the changes necessary to implement a People First Organizational design.

For a lifetime! You can revisit the course videos year after year and will receive any future updates and resources that are added as the course grows.

Of course! Click here to enroll and start creating an environment that brings out the best from your people!

You’ll have immediate access to the videos, templates, and resources so you can start right away. Within a week, you’ll receive a calendar invite to our Monthly Strategy Calls.

4 Payments of $1,250

Enroll now & pay a monthly installment 

A One-Time Payment Of $5,000

Enroll now & get an extra bonus

"Working with Amy has been one of the most valuable professional investments I have ever made. I no longer dread potentially confrontational situations with my team. I can now go into these situations calm and ready to listen and help my team members maximize their impact."

Elizabeth R.
Owner, Elizabeth Rogers Pilates & Physical Therapy