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Amplify performance by growing an engaged and motivated team of people who love their work, know and value each other, and get the job done.



When you put your people first, you unlock the performance potential that drives sustainable and scalable growth.
Organizations often invest significant time, money, and resources on new systems and processes, and often overlook their biggest investment: their people. This is a mistake, and often why organizations, teams, and growth stall. The Cairn Method changes all of that with a People 1st Paradigm that teaches teams how to understand the motivations of themselves and others to create a culture of happy people with the room to do their best work.
A clearer path to success
Disrupt the old way of doing things with smarter, more creative approaches that are easy to implement across teams and designed for enduring change.
At last…the secret to more joy, less stress
Blast stressful and unproductive work and spark the kind of joy that ignites and inspires people while they’re doing hard work.
Work from a better baseline
Get a pulse check on your team’s engagement with tools, assessments and resources that uncover team strengths to improve communication, engagement and overall satisfaction.
Create total career clarity
Put your new insights to work to clarify roles across teams, match an individual’s skills with the work that needs to be done, and provide a clear path for career growth.

"My organization was going through tremendous change at the time and Amy helped me to develop the critical interpersonal relationship skills in order to navigate these challenges successfully."

Bill A.
Director of Therapy Practice
VNA of Maine

The new imperative in business: grow your people to grow your business

The Cairn Method flips the outdated ideas of the employee lifecycle from Recruit > Onboarding > Retain to a People First Paradigm of Attract > Inspire & Align > Engage and Empower. Shift to this new way to building and serving your teams, you not only attract top talent to your organization, but have them love their work so they stay build serious tenure and impact. When we do team work, we’ll identify the exact areas that need attention and deliver expert coaching and support with most powerful diagnostic tools in the industry.

Let's build something great together.

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