Team Dynamics

Amplify performance by growing an engaged and motivated team of people who love their work, know and value each other, and get the job done.

When you put your people first, you unlock the performance potential that drives sustainable and scalable growth.

Organizations often invest significant time, money, and resources on new systems and processes, and often overlook their biggest investment: their people. This is a mistake, and often why organizations, teams, and growth stall. The Cairn Method changes all of that with a People 1st Paradigm that teaches teams how to understand the motivations of themselves and others to create a culture of happy people with the room to do their best work.

Communication & Collaboration

Moving beyond the golden rule, this program elevates communication and collaboration to the platinum rule “Do unto others as they would want done unto them”. DISC measures how a person responds and what behaviors they will exhibit.

Culture Assessments

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Individual and Team Assessments

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Employee Engagement Survey & Program

32% of employees are engaged*.  How does your company stack up?

The stats are clear about the impact of low engagement:  increased turnover and absenteeism, decreased productivity, increased costs, decreased patient satisfaction and more.  

Even if you are measuring engagement, a survey isn’t enough to create engagement or develop the culture you want for your organization.  

*Gallup 2023

Stress Assessments

Placeholder for text (Taken from TTI) Leaders with the power to identify how stress affects the overall health, productivity and morale of the entire organization set themselves apart by doing so. Tackling the causes of stress in individuals and in organizations leads to higher performance, fewer missed days and, most importantly, reinforces your company truly cares for its employees.


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