Leadership & Development Programs

The transformative power of skilled leaders and aligned teams leads to less drama in the workplace, faster and better decision-making, improved efficiency and more time to spend on moving the business forward.

Cairn Consulting Solutions’ Leadership and Professional Development programs are customized to your organization’s goals. All programs include experiential learning and incorporate spot coaching and accountability calls in between didactic learning.

• Typical Program Length: 6-12 months

• In person / virutal

• Self-paced learning plus coaching support

• Learning Management Software (LMS) platform


Tactical. Practical. Sticky.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

The Emotional Intelligence (EQ) program supports leaders and their teams as they build a high EQ culture in their organization.

Communication & Collaboration

Moving beyond the golden rule, this program elevates communication and collaboration to the platinum rule “Do unto others as they would want done unto them”. DISC measures how a person responds and what behaviors they will exhibit.

Productive Conflict

The Productive Conflict program develops the courage and confidence needed to engage in difficult conversations in a way that is respectful, candid and productive.

Accountability Framework

The Accountability program supports leaders and their teams as they explore why accountability matters and bridge the gap between what the teams intend to do and what they actually do.

Continuing Education with MedBridge:


The new imperative in business: grow your people to grow your business

The Cairn Method flips the outdated ideas of the employee lifecycle from Recruit > Onboarding > Retain to a People First Paradigm of Attract > Inspire & Align > Engage and Empower. Shift to this new way to building and serving your teams, you not only attract top talent to your organization, but have them love their work so they stay build serious tenure and impact. When we do team work, we’ll identify the exact areas that need attention and deliver expert coaching and support with most powerful diagnostic tools in the industry.

Let's build something great together.

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