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Take the guesswork out of growth so you can:

The 7 Stages of Growth X-Ray™

The 7 Stages of Growth offers a strategic planning process based in the knowledge that as a company grows, its level of complexity rises. Through research-based predictions, we can help companies solve for the challenges of their growing team—whether they have 10, 95, or 205 employees.

Pre-Work Assessments
  • Identification of 27 challenges and strengths
  • Builder-to-protector ratio: leadership analysis
  • Non-negotiable rules for your stage of growth
  • Leadership style evaluation
Strategic Plan

Created during a 2-day in-person workshop:

  • Top initiatives for the team
  • Initiative ownership designations
  • Action steps and milestones
  • Strategic alignment with the leadership team
  • Communication plan for the entire organization
  • Senior leadership advisory calls
  • Quarterly realignment sessions
  • 6-month reassessment and debrief


Measurable growth, driven by actionable objectives


Assessment-based strategies starting from right where you are


Ongoing checkpoints to keep you moving in the right direction

Business Growth Strategic Planning

This people-based approach takes the guesswork out of growth by comparing your current state and the “ideal” company for their stage of growth.

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Designing a People First Organization

Design an organization where people know and respect each other and have the know-how to get the job done. All it takes is a few cairns on your path to transformation.


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