Hello, I'm Amy Lafko

My work is inspired by an obsession to show leaders how to grow their people to grow their business.

From the leadership to the frontline, team members deserve to work in an environment that engages them to be their best.

 Creating a positive employee experience will help you engage the best people, increase profitability and build customer loyalty. Unleash your team to be their best and they will go above and beyond for your company and your customers.

Skilled leaders and aligned teams are what create engaged employees and a cohesive culture.

I became a writer, speaker, and consultant because too many companies struggle to make this people pivot. I am dedicated to the revolutionary and long-overdue mission of growing a business by first growing your people. My goal is to help you create a workplace culture that supports, empowers, and engages your people meaningfully.

Today I work with leaders and companies across North America to prioritize the employee experience to navigate the perils of a toxic work environment.

Here's who I work with and how I help:

Leadership Development

Whether new, prime for promotion, or experienced, I help leaders let go of tired assumptions that hold them back. I’ll help to up-level your core leadership competencies so you can transform yourself and your organization with creativity and collaboration. Executive coaching and leadership training is available upon request.

Team Dynamics​

Focused on amplifying performance by improving relationships within the team and move beyond superficial agreements that prevents better decision-making. I help teams develop communication skills and strategies that ensure the best ideas surface and the team has the context and motivation to implement them with custom trainings and professional development programs.

Advisor and Coach​

I work closely with owners and key leaders to co-create a better path forward to profitability and happiness that allows you to take your business further, faster.

Keynote Speaking​

I have keynoted esteemed events both in-person and virtually and have emceed award events, moderated panels, and participated in virtual events. I show up ready to educate and entertain audiences with mind-blowing business insights that unlock new possibilities.

"Amy has a systematic and holistic approach to building team that turns traditional hiring practices on their head. She always delivers fascinating discussion that leads to application."

Scott K.
Associate Director of Therapy Operations

People First: A Proven Method for an Exceptional Healthcare Practice

“People First inspires the mindset needed to finally reboot healthcare. It is the instruction manual and the toolkit all in one.” 

Stacey L. Zeigler
PT – Associate Editor of Learning to Lead in Physical Therapy
Founder/Owner of Fun in Aging Physical Therapy

Podcasts + interviews:


Fireside Strategic

We hear the words “employee experience” all the time. But, what really is employee experience, and how can CEOs lead to optimize it?


The Sam Lesante Show

Amy speaks with Sam Lesante about what Cairn Consulting Solutions is all about.


Ready, Aim, Empire

Amy speaks with Business Coach Lisa Kuecker about the importance of Leadership.


Ready, Aim, Empire

Amy speaks with Business Coach Lisa Kuecker about the difference between a good leader and a bad one.


Up Solutions Live Interview

Amy speaks with Business Reinvention Strategist Patti Mara about what it means to Grow Your People to Grow Your Business.


How Emotional Intelligence Can Help Healthcare Professionals Cope with the Pandemic

Amy provides an action plan on how to improve your emotional intelligence, helping you navigate stressful situations and difficult times.


Using Science to Hire the Right Team Members

Amy speaks with The Entrepreneurial You host Heneka Watkis Porter. When we think about science perhaps the idea of something quite challenging and lab-like comes to mind. But what about the idea of using science to make good business decisions such as building your ideal team?

Podcasts + interviews:

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Media mentions and authored articles:


Envisioning a Better Normal: 3 Exercises to Ensure Your Company Will Never Go "Back to Normal"

I keep hearing people say, “I can’t wait until things go back to normal”. Why do we want to go back to the way things were? Let’s take this unprecedented opportunity to build “better normal” in the future.


Gauging Remote Work Readiness Through Remote Work Survey & Assessment

“A company needs to create a profile of soft skill competencies that is most beneficial for each role. For example, certain roles require a higher level of competence with teamwork, decision making, or innovation.


Why Emotional Intelligence / EQ Matters More Than Ever

Insight Article: Emotional intelligence or emotional quotient (EQ) has always mattered, yet assessment and development of EQ often falls to the bottom of the training pile.

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