My Philosophy

The most important aspect of my relationship with a client is that of collaborator. I take a customized approach to finding opportunities and creating solutions to move you forward.  I use validated tools and techniques that are supported by science and experience.  

Organizational effectiveness can be optimized through employee engagement, team and leadership development.  An engaged team is willing to provide discretionary effort to advance the organization in all aspects including customer loyalty, efficiency and quality.  

From the leadership to the frontline, team members deserve to work in an environment that engages them to be their best. Creating an engaging environment will help you retain the best people, increase profitability and build customer loyalty. Unleash your team to be there best and they will go above and beyond for the company and the customer. 


Leveraging 20+ years of leadership experience in healthcare, I approach consulting by listening to and involving my client. Together we evaluate the situation, diagnosis the opportunities and challenges, establish goals, create a plan, execute that plan and re-evaluate to confirm success. 


As a dynamic presenter and engaging facilitator of interactive learning methods for leadership skills, I develop and customize workshops to meet the participants' business and personal goals. Using storytelling and humor to punctuate learning, I connect with the participants in a way that leaves them energized, motivated and with greater understanding of themselves and leadership behaviors. Returning to their work environment, they have new awareness, tools and behaviors to lead their teams more effectively and drive the business goals.


"We accomplished more in a 5 hour session than we had been able to accomplish is 2 years".  Heather Jennings, President of the Board APTAMA

"My organization was going through tremendous change at the time and Amy helped me to develop the critical interpersonal relationship skills in order to navigate these challenges 

successfully."  Bill Anderson, Director of Therapy Practice VNA of Maine

"Amy's passion for leadership, healthcare and helping people reach their goals (whether through patient care or personal and career goal development) is infectious and genuine. Her ability to connect with others and teach through story telling and sharing real-life examples is incredibly effective and sustainable."  Beth Sarfaty, VP at Select Medical

"Thanks so much for your webinar today, Amy! It was very informative and definitely got me thinking. I sit on many webinars, but few actually capture my attention for the whole hour. Thank you again!"  Gregg Goldstein, AdServices Inc

"We accomplished more in a 5 hour session than we had been able to accomplish is 2 years".  Heather Jennings, President of the Board APTAMA

Interview for Forcura's Influencer Series

A conversation about authentic leadership, leading complex change and leading a remote workforce.  Thanks to Annie Erstling, Chief Strategy Officer of Forcura for such a great conversation.